Morris Choice: Mo Pop Survey Results

It is no surprise that Matt and Kim won nearly every question from the survey, their set was lit. It turned into the biggest booty shaking party ever at Mo Pop. The group was having some power issue throughout their set. So, while there was an attempt to get the sound back on, Kim requested the sound guy play some booty shaking music–she demanded that the crowd join her in some booty shaking. Soon, men and women rose up on their friends and neighbors shoulders and joined Kim in the dance. The experience was unreal. Not once did the crowd calm down waiting in anticipation for the band to play their songs again. Minutes later when Matt and Kim figured out the problem the band jumped right back into their songs and the crowd continued to party with Matt and Kim. Their set at Mo Pop was short, but sweet. Matt mentioned at the end of the set how this set was one of the most memorable shows he has performed in Detroit. With that being said, Morris Choice have named Matt and Kim “2016 Champions of Mo Pop”.

We asked our listeners about their favorite artists at Mo Pop 2016—and 25 people who love music (almost as much as we do here at Morris choice) responded and gave us some insight on their top five performances, new favorite band, which band they would be a groupie for—just to name a few. Results came in Matt and Kim were at the top of list for performance, most excited to see, who you would see again, and who you would be a groupie for. M83, Mac Demarco, and Haim were the second artist’s to be mentioned the most. M83 was one of the top performances and most likely to see again. Both Mac Demarco and Haim were one of the top performances and our respondents stated that they were most excited to see. The new favorite bands that people fell in love with are both Michigan natives–Borns from Grand Rapids and Tunde Olarian from Detroit. Thanks taking the survey and check out the rest of the results below.


You can view the results HERE.


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